Id-Di & d-Do 2

Digital Painting | 2022

“Id-Di & d-Do 2” – the conclusion to the diptych gives a face to the stark reality which persists despite petitions and protests, that money has more power than our national heritage. in this version we see Dee’s balcony grieving his companion, still arm in arm, crying and unlit. Don has been gutted, a victim of systemic vandalisation some call progress.

It was somewhat harrowing working on this pair as I fell in love with the doughy-eyed, classic-Disney inspired characters I was setting up for heartbreak. More so because of how accurately the paintings represent the current state of affairs with the conservation of our architectural heritage. If “Gremxuluzzu” is a love letter to the Melitensia I love, then this is a eulogy.


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