GremxuLuzzu /luzzuLizard

Digital Painting By Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [AKA RAFiott]
MeliTENSION Collection | Completed 2021

GremxuLuzzu by RAFiott 

“GremxuLuzzu”, by Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [RAFiott], is Inspired by his childhood, the artist invites the viewer on a journey through his memories. Growing up in Dingli with frequent visits from relatives abroad, he experienced the idyllic charm of Malta, portrayed in this piece.

A Fusion of Icons: The Filfola Lizard and the Luzzu

Blending two iconic symbols, “GremxuLuzzu” combines the filfola lizard (gremxula ta’ Filfa) and the traditional fishing boat called the luzzu. Lizards are a familiar sight on the islands, but the subspecies Podarcis filfolensis ssp. Filfolensis holds a special place as it is unique to the captivating islet of Filfla, located near Dingli Cliffs. The artwork features this stunning backdrop, providing a glimpse into the extraordinary ecosystem of Filfla.

Luzzus hold a profound meaning for the Maltese people, symbolizing a sense of home. These vibrant and resilient boats, believed to protect those on board from evil, same as those on Gardjola. This ancient Mediterranean tradition, with its roots in ancient times, adds depth to the narrative of “GremxuLuzzu” and perfectly complements Malta’s role as the nurturing “Nurse of the Mediterranean.”

The esteemed Maltese National Fine Arts Gallery – MUŻA, located in Valletta, proudly exhibited “GremxuLuzzu.” This prestigious display showcases the artistic skill and emotional depth imbued within this limited edition fine artwork. By owning a piece of “GremxuLuzzu,” art enthusiasts not only acquire a captivating masterpiece but also become part of the enduring legacy of Maltese art and culture.

Discover the timeless charm of “GremxuLuzzu” and embark on a personal journey through Ramon Azzopardi Fiott’s cherished childhood memories. This limited edition fine artwork is a testament to the enduring beauty, resilience, and rich heritage that define the heart of Malta’s artistic expression.


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