/ Luzzu-Lizard
Digital Painting | 2022

This is a love letter to my childhood. I grew up in Dingli with family from abroad visiting often, so my youth is littered with visits to idyllic Malta. My memories are warm, colourful and peaceful – not a reality as common today. “Gremxuluzzu” is a fusion of a filfola lizard (gremxula ta’ Filfa) and a traditional fishing boat the luzzu. Lizards are a common sight on the islands, what’s not so common though, is the subspecies Podarcis filfolensis ssp. Filfolensis, endemic to the islet of Filfla just off Dingli Cliffs, which you can see in the background.

Luzzus are a strong symbol of home for us Maltese. They are unique to the islands, vibrant, and resilient; and according to lore, their eyes protect the souls on board from evil, same as in “Gardjola”. A tradition found around the Mediterranean, dating back to ancient times and a fitting story for “the Nurse of the Mediterranean”.


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