Limited Edition Works

A traditional painter can only create one artwork at a time. My medium offers me no such limitation. In fact, it allows me to give more people access to art.

In the spirit of finding the best balance of exclusivity and accessibility, my fine art collections are available as limited editions. Click on "Additional information" on any fine artwork to find out how many print run of said work.

For example, if you see 1 of 25, it means that the piece can only be sold a maximum of 25 times. Once the last print is sold, the work will never be re-printed with the intention of sale ever again - so get yours while they last.

What is Digital Art?

As with every technological advancement, art has found a way to utilise it and evolve itself. The Renaissance had camera obscuras, later, printing presses gave us more access to illustrated texts and posters and so on. We live in a digital age, so it stands to reason we would have digital art. "But what is it?", you might ask.

I don't see how I can fully and simply answer such a question without making sweeping statement, and that's not fair to anyone. I'll explain to you how I work instead and you can draw your own conclusion.

So, How Do I Work?

I originally worked with traditional media - oils, watercolours, charcoal etc...

This all changed when my mother died - I moved out of my childhood home, freshly graduated and on a shoe-string budget. Art supplies aren't cheap, but they are finite - so between that and having no space to work, I went digital.

At first I only had a basic graphics tablet and my laptop, I feel that inorganic interaction led me to a flatter, more pop-art aesthetic. Over the years I upgraded my gear and when I could finally afford a proper tablet with a display, it revolutionised my style. The way this new device allowed me to draw was so natural, it re-introduced me to my origins. This was the moment I had finally found my element. My digital art is completely hand-drawn, so much so I need wrist support, and technologically generated. I enjoy exploring what creativity technology can unlock.

It is a fusion of traditional art and modern technology. My canvas is pixel, my pigment is light and my brush is a pressure-sensitive, pencil-shaped stylus.

Finally, the virtual becomes tangible when I send the work off to the printers. This stage is almost a collaboration in itself. It's about finding the right materials to complement the art, deliver longevity and best display the work.

Ready To Hang?

All artworks come equipped with a hanging mechanism.

Metal Prints:

On the back, you will have a metal hanging rail, a parallel spacer to keep the painting facing straight out, and surface guards.

Maintaining Fine Art

This should go without saying, but please, never clean anything valuable with harsh chemicals [if you're Maltese, that means no sgrassatore!] In an ideal world, all you'll need is a clean dry soft brush or a microfibre cloth and simply dust the art. If you absolutely need a cleaning agent try using a touch of soapy water.

How to Commission Bespoke Artwork

Having something made especially for someone shows great care and admiration. It can be a gesture of affection or an act of self-love. Whether you’re looking to mark an occasion, personalise your home or want a commercial or public space pop. Click here to find out more.


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