I Witness

I Witness

I Witness Digital Painting | 2020 Enquire Collection Open Edition Suuported Cause General Collection Unlimited The Daphne Foundation I Witness| Open Edition | General Collection Full Description My country’s recent history has been wrought with one scandal after another. Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination in 2017 sent a shockwave that attracted the world press to the …

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GremxuLuzzu / Luzzu-Lizard Digital Painting | 2022 This is a love letter to my childhood. I grew up in Dingli with family from abroad visiting often, so my youth is littered with visits to idyllic Malta. My memories are warm, colourful and peaceful – not a reality as common today. “Gremxuluzzu” is a fusion of …

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Street Organ Blues

Street Organ Blues / I Can’t Breathe Digital Painting | 2022 The ‘terramaxka’ is a traditional Maltese street organ that was popular in Maltese festas between the late 19th and early 20th centuries – the era which, in my opinion, produced some of the most interesting architecture on the island. Our streetscapes shape our daily …

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Id-Di & d-Do 2

Id-Di & d-Do 2 Digital Painting | 2022 “Id-Di & d-Do 2” – the conclusion to the diptych gives a face to the stark reality which persists despite petitions and protests, that money has more power than our national heritage. in this version we see Dee’s balcony grieving his companion, still arm in arm, crying …

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Id-Di & d-Do 1

Id-Di & d-Do 1 Digital Painting | 2022 True to form, “Id-Di & id-Do” are presented as a diptych. The expression “qishom id-Di u d-Do” (They’re like the Di and the Do) is used to describe a couple of people who are always together – be they bosom buddies or lovers. Its origins can be …

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RAFiott Chalet Għajni / InsoMANIA

Chalet Għajni / InsoMANIA

Chalet Għajni / InsoMANIA Digital Painting | 2022 The manifestation of grief and insomnia whiles away its time on a ghost of Sliema’s waterfront. Displaced in time, location and mind. The sun is rising behind the old Chalet, drawing the silhouette of a backlit forgotten facade on a Mondrian inspired promenade. This painting originated as …

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Tal-Linja / The Bus

Tal-Linja / the Bus Digital Painting | 2019 This piece is a celebration of Malta’s iconic classic buses that date back to the ‘50s & ‘60s and served until 2011. They had a unique aesthetic and were one of the most recognisable icons of the islands, loved by locals and tourists alike for their character …

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Balcón-être / the Balcony

Balcón-être / the Balcony Digital Painting | 2019 My favourite characteristic of Maltese identity is its confluence of cultures from all over the Mediterranean and beyond. Our history is written in our language and architecture. Maltese has Arabic roots but continued to be Latinised with Italian, French, and English influences. A similar story can be …

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Gardjola / Watchtower

Gardjola / the Watchtower Digital Painting | 2022 Something that tends to happen in well-preserved historical areas is that art & culture are put into a box, separated from the everyday person. You end up seeing the same repeated iconic images that symbolise the place, but you lose the character they once represented. There’s no …

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Triton by RAFiott


Triton Digital Painting | 2021 [ Added to MUŻA’s permanent collection] Despite the vibrance of Maltese culture, there are deep-rooted senses of guilt and shame that hold us back. We’ve been historically taught that our language, country, and people are inferior. Thankfully, this is no longer mainstream narrative, however, our neo-colonial scars remain undiscussed and …

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