Digital Painting | 2021 [ Added to MUŻA's permanent collection]

Despite the vibrance of Maltese culture, there are deep-rooted senses of guilt and shame that hold us back. We’ve been historically taught that our language, country, and people are inferior. Thankfully, this is no longer mainstream narrative, however, our neo-colonial scars remain undiscussed and continue to stagger progress.

“Triton” makes reference to Apap’s Triton fountain, at Valletta’s main entrance – an image that unites the island more than language or politics. The fountain is iconic, yet it went un-inaugurated for 59 years – significant yet underappreciated, much like our national identity, environment and the queer community. The painting embodies the power of self-acceptence, depicting a singular, more androgynous siren basking in a glass of pink Martini in the likeness of one of favourite muse. Below, is a male-presenting homosexual couple having a snuggle at the famous landmark, framed by references to personally significant places like El Retiro and Sergels Torg, to my childhood and family. “Triton” encourages the viewer to approach life with a healthy dose of humour and self-love – an important sentiment in current times.


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