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Ramon Azzopardi Fiott

Fine Artist Illustrator Designer

Fine Artist | Illustrator | Designer

Born in 1994, and raised in Malta, I have always pursued a life in art. I graduated from the University of Malta with a BFA in Digital Arts in 2016, which was a touch over-shadowed by the sudden loss of my mother. This experience brutally taught  me that life is too short to be squandered in an office.

A year later I held my debut solo exhibition “Epokaliss – The Presence of Absence” which I dedicated to mum, opening on what would’ve been her 48th birthday at Palazzo Ħamsa Mill. Since then I’ve gone on to exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid by the Maltese Embassy, and at MUŻA, the Maltese National Fine Arts Gallery.

Aside from selling my art, I support myself by offering my design & illustration services, creating and selling goods on rafiott.com, and hosting pop-up events around the island to share my work. On occasion, I also collaborate on shows with performers such as Undine LaVerve & Bella Stardust, and NGOs that have a creative flair and shared values.

Artist Statement

My paintings originate from emotions that demand externalisation. As a synesthete, I interpret the world primarily through shape, colour, and texture before transposing these perceptions into text. Painting allows me to convey my thoughts more purely, with each work serving as a window into a specific musing or frustration, often both simultaneously.

While my style continues to evolve, certain elements remain constant: a focus on flowing linework, architectural references, themes of identity and loss, carefully crafted colour stories, and a sense of observationalism. 


My life's experiences have shaped my artistic practice. Growing up in a family of academics within a creative, neurodivergent environment seems to have skewed my perception of the norm, somewhat — something I have come to embrace. Surrealism remains my preferred coping mechanism, particularly as life in Malta grows increasingly absurd, blurring the line between journalism and satire.

I present my work as both therapy and activism. The Maltese public rarely encounters accurate representations of its culture or heritage, especially ones that aim to inspire change through tenderness.

I invite viewers to inspect my work closely to uncover hidden details and references, some universally understandable, others deeply personal. Recurring motifs include typography, often as a solitary detail that demands homogeneous communication, and eye motifs, symbolising my position as an observer with limited agency over the world around me. Through my work, one can discern what I find beautiful: an eclectic obsession with local architecture, a fascination with the natural and mythological worlds, and despite my discontent with the state of the nation, a deep affinity with Melitensia.

Ramon Azzopardi Fiott

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