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Unlock the transformative power of art with our exclusive commissioned art services, tailored for businesses and NGOs. Collaborate with a local artist to bring your vision to life, whether you’re seeking unique décor, promotional artwork, or inspiring pieces for your campaigns. 

For Businesses

  • Enhance Your Space: Distinguish your office or commercial space with bespoke artwork that reflects your brand’s identity and values.
  • Boost Employee Morale: Create an inspiring work environment that fosters creativity and productivity.
  • Local Engagement: Support your community by investing in local talent, demonstrating your commitment to regional development and social responsibility.
  • Unique Marketing Tool: Use custom art in marketing materials to stand out from competitors with a distinctive and memorable brand image.

For NGOs

  • Amplify Your Message: Commissioned art can convey your mission and values powerfully, engaging supporters and donors on a deeper level.

  • Fundraising Potential: Use original artworks in fundraising events, auctions, or as unique thank-you gifts for major donors.

  • Revenue Stream: Offer prints or merchandise featuring commissioned pieces to create an ongoing revenue stream for your organisation.

  • Community Connection: Collaborating with local artists enhances your organisation’s presence and impact within the community, fostering stronger connections and support.

Why Choose RAFiott?

  • Expert Local Artist: Who understands the cultural and social nuances of your community.
  • Customised Solutions: Every piece is tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring a perfect fit for your space or campaign.
  • High-Quality Art: We guarantee top-notch craftsmanship, using premium materials to ensure longevity and visual impact.
  • Seamless Process: From concept to completion, I manage every detail to provide a stress-free experience.

Inspire your community, elevate your brand, and make a lasting impact with commissioned art. Contact me today to start your artistic journey


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