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Own a piece of Maltese cultural commentary with the miniature version of RAFiott’s “Triton | Deluxe Fine Art Print”. This work debuted at the prestigious Maltese National Fine Arts Gallery and has been added to its permanent collection. It speaks volumes about unity, self-acceptance, and cultural challenges on the island. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Triton fountain, the artwork advocates for urban conservation, proudly celebrates national identity, and pays tribute to the Queer community. ‘Triton’ is not just a print; it’s a call for self-acceptance, a celebration of humour, and a plea for the preservation of heritage.

Elevate your space with this profound artwork, a testament to RAFiott’s artistic evolution and expression. Act now to secure your limited edition – let “Triton” become a meaningful part of your collection.

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The MeliTENSION: Miniature Series showcases the charm of the Deluxe MeliTENSION Series, in a more compact format. Perfectly tailored for budding art collectors, these artworks offer a touch of quirkiness that will undoubtedly add a special touch to any art collection.

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27cm x 40cm, 10.5inches x 15.7inches


Print only


MeliTENSION Collection


Limited Edition, Orientation: Portrait, Print Only


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