Digital Painting By Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [AKA RAFiott]
Epokaliss Collection | Completed 2017

A digital artwork from RAFiott’s 2017 debut collection “Epokaliss,” it is a tribute that resonates on a deeply personal level as an homage to the artist’s late mother. This piece draws inspiration from the iconic portrayal of ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ seen all over Malta, presenting Mary’s sorrow after her son’s crucifixion. However, this artwork takes a distinctive approach, intentionally diverging from tradition by substituting the seven daggers with a singular index finger pressed against the artist’s heart—a poignant depiction of the pain of loss.

The artwork stands as a departure from tradition, portraying a son’s grief for his mother and reflecting the disorienting sensation of an inverted world. Despite this difficult time in his life, Fiott maintains his signature humour, holding that “Stalletti” remains an image of a mourning Mary. The piece serves as a reminder of the coexistence of sorrow and societal complexities such as prejudice and hypocrisy.

Embracing Paradox: Navigating Emotion and Identity

Through an image with a limited palette, with closed eyes and adorned with a crown featuring a pink triangle—a historical symbol tied to queer history—the artist, Ramon Fiott, encapsulates the emotional detachment that often follows profound trauma. This detachment leads to an internal struggle, as he’s unwittingly drawn back into religious doctrine for solace. 

Inviting Reflection: Grief, Identity, and Art

“Stalletti” encourages viewers to contemplate a diverse range of dimensions encompassing grief, identity, and institutional influence. It stands as a testament to the indomitable nature of the human spirit, embodying the artist’s journey through pain and self-discovery. By challenging norms and interweaving personal experience with universal themes, the artwork exemplifies the profound power of art to provoke thought and reflect the nuanced facets of life.

This work transcends its boundaries—it becomes a gateway into the artist’s emotions, reflects societal intricacies, and explores personal identity. This artwork encourages us to examine our experiences, question norms, and appreciate the delicate threads that weave the tapestry of human existence.

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