The Wind Blows Waves...In All Directions

Group Exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv
11th August - 29th October 2023

Open during gallery opening hours

Curated by:

Bobb Attard & Mohamed Ali Agrebi

The exhibition forms part of the EuroPride 2023 programme.
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The Wind Blows...Waves In All Directions spazju kreattiv exhibition

The Wind Blows Waves…In All Directions: Synopsis

Spanning across two distinct parts within Spazju Kreattiv [Spaces A & C] is the group exhibition “The Wind Blows…Waves In All Directions”, participating in which is yours truly, Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [RAFiott]. The exhibition offers a multifaceted exploration of the diverse experiences of LGBTIQ+ individuals along the Mediterranean coast. As visitors journey through these spaces, the artworks collectively create a tapestry that reveals the nuances of civil rights, legal recognition, and social acceptance within the region. The exhibition invites viewers to explore this vast coastline of 22 countries, to gain a profound understanding of the intricacies that shape the lives of queer individuals across the Mediterranean.

Scattered throughout the exhibition space are four distinctive artworks by RAFiott. “Id-Di & D-Do Part 1 & Part 2” mark the entrances to both spaces, while “Ze” and “Stalletti” are thoughtfully displayed within Space A. Particularly noteworthy is the debut of “Ze”, accompanied by an insightful essay penned by Robin Cassar Fiott on the subject of gender fluidity.

Parallel Realities: Malta and Tunisia

Within “The Wind Blows…Waves In All Directions,” Malta and Tunisia emerge as parallel bases for understanding the intricate realities of LGBTIQ+ individuals. Malta is an exemple of how progressive legal attitudes and advancements protect and celebrate the rights of the community. In contrast, Tunisia’s landscape, reflects a mix of legal challenges and deep-rooted societal norms that often perpetuate discrimination less than. By drawing attention to these differing contexts, the exhibition enables visitors to grasp the significance of local dynamics in shaping the lives of LGBTIQ+ individuals. Through artistic expression and curated narratives, visitors gain insights into how these contexts impact individuals’ identities, experiences, and journeys.

Themes of Resilience and Activism

Amidst the diverse array of artworks, themes of resilience and activism resound loudly. The stories and expressions of activism showcased throughout the exhibition illustrate how individuals and communities use their creativity and determination to drive transformative change. These narratives come alive through various mediums, sparking inspiration and prompting viewers to consider their role in fostering inclusivity and justice. As you journey through Spaces A & C, you’ll encounter vivid visual representations of activism that invite you to reflect on the power of collective action and the impact it can have on dismantling barriers.

Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Liberation

The artworks within the exhibition serve as windows into the intricate dimensions of identity, gender expression, and sexual liberation. As you engage with the pieces, you’ll encounter diverse artistic mediums that challenge conventional notions and celebrate the beauty of self-expression.

RAFiott’s work often delves into the themes of identity and self-expression. Take, for instance, “Stalletti”, which contemplates the intricate facets of loss while exploring the interplay between queer identity and the enduring influence of religious institutions. “Ze”, on the other hand, jubilantly celebrates the vibrancy of the Gender-Fluid & Non-Binary communities, vividly represented through its fauvist palette.

As visitors experience the exhibition, it is encouraged to take a moment to reflect upon the journeys of self-discovery that lie at the core of each artistic creation, as well as on their own perceptions and biases. This introspection fosters a heightened understanding of the richness that emerges when individuals are granted the freedom to express themselves authentically. The exhibition thus provides a platform for commemorating the human spirit’s remarkable capacity for self-definition and unapologetic expression.

Reflecting on the Past, Present, and Future

The exhibition masterfully weaves the past, present, and future into its narrative, inviting you to connect with the ongoing story of the LGBTIQ+ community in the Mediterranean. Historical contexts illuminate the path to progress, while contemporary narratives capture the complex present. By visiting both Spaces A & C, you’ll immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration that is designed to spark conversations about the way forward. As you engage with these narratives, consider your role in championing positive change.

Supporting the Cause

Should the evocative artworks on display within “The Wind Blows…Waves In All Directions” resonate deeply with you and you wish to imbue their messages into your personal space, there is an opportunity to support the artists. Fine art prints by RAFiott showcased in the section below are available for order. By bringing the spirit of activism, resilience, and inclusivity into one’s daily life, individuals can play an active role in fostering positive change.

Embrace the chance to order your fine art prints today and become an integral part of the movement striving for positive transformation.

Contributing Artists:

Andrea Quaglia
Angelos Panoskaltsis
Antonella Bugeja
Ayoub Moumen
Bassem Ben Brahim
Bobb Attard
Chakib Zidi
Elias Wakeem
Fatima AM
Gabriel Chetcuti (KLONN)
Imad Zoukanni
Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu
Matteo Pullicino
Mark Edward Mifsud
Mawjoudin We Exist
Mohammed Ali Aguerbi
Nik Keter
Noah Fabri
Omar Mismar
Paola Revenioti
Ramon Azzopardi Fiott (RAFiott)
Robin Izzy Cassar Fiott
Raúl Hidalgo
Ritty Tacsum
Romeo Roxman Gatt


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