Id-Di & d-Do 2

Digital Painting By Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [AKA RAFiott]
MeliTENSION Collection | Completed 2021

A Eulogy to Architectural Heritage

Experience the powerful conclusion to the diptych by artist Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [RAFiott]. This captivating artwork delves into the enduring reality that money often triumphs over our national heritage, despite countless pleas and demonstrations. Recently exhibited at the prestigious Maltese National Fine Arts Gallery – MUŻA, Valletta, this masterpiece brings to light the poignant truth that our architectural treasures are at the mercy of progress.

Unveiling the Heartbreaking Reality

In this evocative rendition, Dee’s balcony mourns the loss of its companion, standing side by side in grief, shrouded in darkness. Don, once a symbol of strength, now lies hollowed out—a victim of relentless systemic vandalism disguised as progress.

The creative process behind this collection was both challenging and emotional for Rafiott, who became deeply attached to the doe-eyed, classic-Disney-inspired characters. The paintings beautifully capture the current state of affairs regarding the preservation of our architectural heritage. If Rafiott’s previous painting, “Gremxuluzzu,” served as a love letter to the cherished Melitensia, then “Id-Di u D-Do 2” stands as a solemn eulogy, paying homage to what has been lost.

Immerse yourself in the profound narrative of this dyptich where art confronts the intersection of power and heritage. Experience Rafiott’s masterful blend of emotion and technique, preserving the essence of our cultural past in the face of adversity.

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