Tal-Linja /The Bus

Digital Painting By Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [AKA RAFiott]
MeliTENSION Collection | Completed 2019

Preserving the Iconic: A Tribute to Malta’s Beloved Classic Buses

Experience the captivating essence of Malta’s legendary classic buses, which graced the streets from the ’50s & ’60s until 2011. These iconic vehicles, renowned for their distinctive charm and nostalgic allure, have been immortalized in Tal-Linja/ The Bus by [RAFiott], Exhibited at the Maltese National Fine Arts Gallery – MUŻA, Valletta.

A Tale of Nostalgia: Capturing the Joy and Elegance of the Past

“Tal-Linja” pays homage to the timeless beauty of these beloved buses that were deeply cherished by locals and tourists alike. With their unique aesthetic, they left an indelible mark on the island’s cultural landscape. However, as technological advancements prevailed, the fleet was replaced with more practical, fuel-efficient, and air-conditioned models, sacrificing the enchanting experience and sentimental joy of traversing the rugged countryside in these majestic classics. This unfortunate shift underscores the authorities’ failure to preserve the country’s rich heritage.

Drawing from his own childhood memories, Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [RAFiott] recalls the sheer excitement of requesting bus rides from his parents, particularly to have the thrill of pulling the bell string. He holds onto the hope that someday we will witness the resurgence of a modern, sustainable fleet that embodies the elegance and charisma of the traditional “karozzi tal-Linja,” once again gracing the streets.

In “Tal-Linja,” the artist presents a whimsical portrayal of an ethereal creature—an amalgamation of a Renaissance dolphin and a traditional Bedford bus. Playfully navigating the landscape, this larger-than-life hybrid gracefully traverses Ramon’s favourite beach, Għajn Tuffieħa, with a jovial smile and dreamy gaze. Set against the backdrop of a Japanese-inspired sun, symbolizing the breaking of dawn, this artwork captures the essence of a Maltese summer—a time for relaxation and tranquillity.

With “Tal-Linja,” join Ramon Azzopardi Fiott [RAFiott] in celebrating the extraordinary legacy of Malta’s classic buses and envision a future where their elegance and grandeur return to the streets, revitalizing the country’s cultural heritage.


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